Children welcome

The size of the campsite makes it a safe and friendly place for families with children. In the relaxed atmosphere of the campsite, children can make their first incursions into their own autonomy, such as going to the bathroom alone, taking care of washing the dishes, or playing all over the campsite without getting lost.

There are other advantages that will make your life easier:

  • There is a block family bathrooms, so you can go the whole family to the shower. They are heated so that the little ones do not get cold in less warm seasons such as spring or autumn.
  • In the family bathrooms block you will also find baby baths.
  • In the swimming pool there is a padded area so that they can play safely and avoid bumps.
  • Normally we offer a service of guided activities for children in the miniclub, but this year they are suspended. We hope to be able to offer them next season, with all the health guarantees.

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