Get to know an unspoilt nature reserve in Costa Brava

We are located in the Aiguamolls del Empordà Nature Reserve. It is one of the few natural and semi-wild areas left for migratory birds to stop over during their migration. On their route to northern Europe, birds from Africa only find wetlands in the Valencian Albufera, the Ebro Delta and the Aiguamolls del Empordà. On their route to Africa, our lagoons are among the last opportunities to rest, feed and gather strength to reach Central Africa.

For this and many other reasons, we recommend that you choose, whenever possible, sustainable, non-polluting sports that do not disturb the fauna and flora of the nature reserve and do not leave residues. At La Gaviota, for example, we prefer to avoid motor activities and encourage you to enjoy this environment with activities that cause as little impact as possible.

When walking in natural and wild areas, pay attention to the signs and indications, because protected species of birds may nest around the campsite.
The dunes that lead us to the beach are a powerful habitat as they protect us from the storms. They are now in the process of being regenerated and conserved, which is why footbridges and marked paths have been set up to the beach to prevent visitors from treading on protected areas.

The marshes are one of the most wonderful and fragile ecosystems of the Costa Brava, and we like to be part of those who take care of it! Can you help us?



Vistas aéreas del Camping La Gaviota

Visualize your holidays

Take a look at the videos where you can get a better idea of where we are located, what the campsite is like... and start visualising your holiday on the stunning beach of Sant Pere Pescador.

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Family friendly activities in Sant Pere Pescador

Surfing courses, family kayaking on the river, bike rides on the beach, there are many activities suitable for children in the surroundings of La Gaviota campsite.