Covid Test and Travel Conditions in Spain

What we do in La Gaviota to keep us all safe

  • We have set up disinfection stations at several points on the campsite. Please, use them.
  • You should wear your mask in the areas of common use, such as the reception, bathrooms, sinks, restaurant. May your pitch be your private bubble.
  • At the swimming pool you must keep a distance of 2 meters between sunbeds or towels (between people who do not live together).
  • We have increased the frequency of disinfection of all communal areas, such as the laundry rooms, sinks, toilets and showers.

If you feel any of the symptoms of covid19, please keep calm and ask some of your travelmates to go properly protected to the front desk. The staff will help you to contact the medical services through the channels enabled by the health authorities.

You can download the complete sanitary protocol here.

We offer our clients a PCR and antigen test service in the campsite. They will take place in a totally safe and controlled way in our medical office by registered medical staff. It is necessary to make an appointment at the Front Desk.

# Express PCR test – results on the same day within 6pm and 8pm -> € 90
# PCR 20 test – results in 20 hours -> € 80
# Standard PCR test – results in 24h sent between 6 and 8 pm the next day -> € 70
# Antigen test – results on the same day within 6pm and 8pm -> € 40

What type of test should you have according to the country you are traveling to?

Each country has created its own regulations and control measures to manage the pandemic, which means that depending on where you come from or where you are going, or which countries you are going to go through on your outward or return journey, even if it is passing through, you will have to take into account their regulations and requirements. It can be a bit confusing to find this information, so we have compiled the most important websites where you can find out, for example, what type of test you should take and how far in advance:

We hope you find this information useful!

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